MVC delivers a range of training programs, which we conduct as structured courses or customised for clients and industry. Our holistic approach ensures clients’ needs are met. Accredited programs have been approved by State and/or Commonwealth Government.

MVC offers a range of training products and services which includes the following:

Making the most of your training

It is very important to make the most of your training opportunity. Please note it is your responsibility to do this. To optimize your own learning and successful completion, undertake to do the following:

Attend all training sessions and complete all required reading and learning activities

Prepare well in advance of each training session

Be a willing participant

Work with fellow learners

Respect other people’s opinions

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the assessment requirements

Take responsibility for the quality of evidence that you submit to the Assessor

Keep track of your progress

Complete and submit all assessment on time, tasks using clear and concise language

Be willing to contact your trainer/assessor if you do not understand the training activity or assessment task

Course fees

MVC has developed a fair and equitable process for determining course fees, refunds and payment options. Please contact MVC accounts for competitive fee options available.

Flexible payment options

MVC accepts various methods of payment for course fees. Payment for courses can be made in the form of cash, Visa card, MasterCard, Direct Deposit.

Course fees are payable in advance and enrolments are considered tentative until payment is received.

Fees for qualification program may be paid via a payment arrangement in advance. As full qualification payments are discounted, this payment method incurs a surcharge.

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